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In the twenty-third century, Earth has colonized planets of three stars. Pitcairn, the second planet of Tau Ceti, twelve light years from Earth, is the most successful. A peaceful world, isolated from Earth by its distance, Pitcairn is visited every twenty years or so by a supply ship crewed by new colonists who have endured the sixteen year trip.

 When the Asimov arrives, it brings change to a world kept static by Terran policy for two hundred years. To deal with the changes, the colonists will confront Earth, but first, conflicts rising within the colony will have to be resolved.

 The trilogy chronicles the growth of Pitcairn from a quiet backwater to an independent world defending itself against the manipulations of interstellar politics.

An epic story of men and women making a home far from Earth.

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All three volumes of the Tau Ceti saga are now on Amazon and other distributors in paperback and Kindle editions. Trent's Bookshelf in Elk Grove, CA also carries the Tau Ceti series and sells signed copies at

Tau Ceti: The Immortality Conspiracy has been released, completing the absorbing saga of the Pitcairn colony that began with Tau Ceti: A Ship from Earth and continued with Tau Ceti: The New Colonists. If you haven’t already walked the streets of Grissom, roamed the corridors of the library ship Asimov, or met the men and women who have made Pitcairn a home far from Earth, now is the time to begin the journey. The price of the Kindle edition of each of the three volumes is now only $2.99 on Amazon.

Read the reviews on Amazon, and then get your copy at this new low price. Here’s a sample of quotes from the Amazon reviews:

Dianalope: “It will be enjoyed equally by Sci-Fi lovers and those who just enjoy a good story about people and human nature.”

Bookluver: “It's science fiction but not just for the sci-fi fans out there; it's a truly engaging, hard-to-put-down kinda book that I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a good book.”

Donna M Lee: “Mixing science, romance, technical terms and family ties, I felt the book was exciting and captivating!”

John Cooley: “I had trouble putting my kindle down to do anything else, I was so engrossed in the story; I read it over a weekend.”

Donna H: “The story is engrossing, as the author keeps the reader interested with an unexpected and suspenseful plot.”


Tau Ceti Trilogy