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Current Status

It's official! The entire trilogy is published. sells both the paperback and Kindle editions. A sequel novella and a novel taking place on Earth at the same time as the tirlogy are in work.

The Illustrator 

Chris Sobolowski lives in Vermont, creating great cover art in his spare time.

The Trilogy

The Tau Ceti trilogy was inspired by a visit my family took to Old Sacramento, many years ago. We visited the Wells Fargo Museum, and I was attracted to an exhibit about the Wells Fargo wagon, immortalized in song in "The Music Man." The exhibit told about how the visits of the Wells Fargo wagon were the only contact with civilization for people far out on the prairie, and how important those visits were to the people living there. It occurred to me that, if we ever colonized another star, the colonists would be far more isolated than those people in the frontiers of America. After all, Einstein showed that we cannot travel faster than the speed of light, and it takes light four years to get to the nearest star other than the Sun. My novel takes place on a planet of the star Tau Ceti, twelve light years away. Ships arrive from Earth only every twenty years or so, bringing news, supplies, and new colonists. The novels deal with starships, advanced computers, alien life, and so on, but all that is only the context of the trilogy. It's really about people, how they have adapted to their new home, and how their lives are affected by the arrival of another ship from Earth and changes in their relationship with Earth. 

The Author


George Hahn is a retired software engineer with degrees in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering. Married with two children and three grandchildren, he lives near Sacramento, California. Tau Ceti: A Ship From Earth is his first novel in a planned science fiction trilogy. Tau Ceti: The New Colonists was published in November, 2014, and the third volume, Tau Ceti: The Immortality Conspiracy,in April, 2016. Two other works in the library ship universe are in work.